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Innovative Thermal Pipe DesignAcross the West Coast

AJ Engineering offers innovative thermal pipe, stress analysis, and support design for all building projects across the West Coast. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and 20 dedicated engineers, you can trust that our designs will be both safe and economically-effective. We have experience working with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as well as city, county, and state governmental groups such as the Office of Statewide Health and Development (OSHPD), so you know that our designs will be up to code and approved.

Mechanical pipes often carry water or steam that can be extremely hot or exert high levels of pressure upon the pipe systems while in operation. High temperatures and pressures can cause elongation or expansion of the pipes, which could prove disastrous without proper support systems. Without guidance or support systems in place, pipe failure can cause damage to the entire piping system and shut down critical operations of the building or campus. To ensure this does not happen, AJ Engineering can design a pipe system that stands gravitational, thermal, pressure, and seismic forces and keep your piping systems free of failure.

Thermal Pipe DesignThermal Pipe Design
Thermal Pipe DesignThermal Pipe Design

Our Thermal Pipe Design Analysis Capabilities

One of the main benefits of working with AJ Engineering is that we have large-scale thermal pipe design analysis capabilities. That means that while designing thermal pipe systems, we are able to analyze and test our designs through the most extreme of thermal and pressure stresses. This ensures to an extra degree that accidents and failures can be avoided and that the ASME B31 code will be met and exceeded. In fact, every design that we provide will include a final report that demonstrates ASME B31 compliance, as well as support, guide, anchor, loads, and pipe translations.

Contact AJ Engineering today to learn more about our extensive experience with thermal pipe design and to begin working with us on your next project.

Thermal Pipe Design
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