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The West Coast's Choice for Riser Support Design

AJ Engineering is the best name in the business when it comes to riser support anywhere on the West Coast. Whether your building project is in California, Oregon, or Washington, our team of engineers can create a design that works for your needs—both economical and specific to state building code. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems within large, multi-story buildings must contain vertical risers. These risers act to distribute the duct, conduit, and pipe from MEP systems throughout the building with branch lines to each floor. For a variety of reasons, these risers often only contain openings that are just large enough to allow them to pass through. This is what makes the design of these systems incredibly important, especially in areas where seismic events such as earthquakes could compromise the systems.

AJ Engineering offers top-quality design of these support systems for risers—including the steel that is essential to their support—to include floor drift as well as gravity and seismic loads. However, our design considerations do not stop there. Due to our design experience with pipes that allow for thermal expansion, we can also work pipe design into our overall plans as well.

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Top-Quality Riser and Steel Supports

When you work with AJ Engineering, you know that you're getting the best when it comes to riser and steel supports. If you have a riser system in place in your building design, chances are you have an area in which the riser shafts group and need to be supported by structural steel. AJ Engineering, with our 30 years of design experience in this area, can design this support area in the space that you have reserved for the system to be safe and continue functioning in all circumstances.

Contact AJ Engineering today to learn more about our riser and steel support systems or any of our other design abilities.

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