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Seismic Structural Engineers for West Coast Contractors

As a contractor or engineer on the West Coast, you need to consider how seismic activity will affect your final product. Guarantee your mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems will stand with help from AJ Engineering’s structural engineers. We’re California, Oregon, and Washington’s first choice among structural engineers to handle seismic-compliant designs.

We’ve designed all manner of earthquake-safe steel equipment:

With AJ Engineering’s design assistance, you can fabricate and install your materials according to current codes. Additionally, we analyze the piping throughout your building to make sure it will stand up to thermal stress due to expansion or contraction. If the pipes don’t measure up, we’ll redesign them to best withstand the pressure, elongation, and contraction caused by extreme temperature changes.

  • We have over 20 in-house engineers
  • We have 30+ years of experience in the industry
  • 4 Convenient Locations in CA:
    Orange County, Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego
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Your Earthquake Engineering Experts

Too many considerations go into seismic protection for any one structural engineer to handle, but the AJ Engineering team has seen it all. Our earthquake engineering designs give your clients the peace of mind that your work is as safe as possible.

We take the safety of our clients’ customers as seriously as you do. Our dedication to safety led us, in partnership with Mason West, Inc., to help develop the California OSHPD’s documentation for MEPF seismic bracing’s use in California hospitals. Just as we helped prepare California for earthquakes, we help your building to maximize its resistance to seismic activity.

When AJ Engineering is the one measuring twice, you can cut once with confidence. Call, fax, or email us today for seismic-compliant structural designs.

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